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Our quality homes are built like the past but feature modern livability.

About Us

At Hageman Homes, we focus on the character of finishes, along with the timeless execution of both interior and exterior design.

We believe homes are incredibly personal and aim to understand how our clients love and live in their homes as part of our design process.

Our homes are constructed to the highest standards, are warrantied by Tarion, and designed to last and enjoy for many years to come.

  • Rhiannon Hageman

    Interior Designer & Partner

    After years of being inspired by decorating and intrigued by beautiful spaces, Rhiannon honed in on her relentless passion for Interior Design and undertook her formal training. With her innate ability to balance elegant and approachable living, she creates timeless spaces suited to each client’s home. Rhiannon enjoys a thoughtful and layered mix of colour, pattern, antiques, and natural textures as she creates spaces for each individual client that stand the test of time. She finds inspiration through travel, her children, and the many great designers of the past – all found in the beautiful details of everyday life.

  • Travis Hageman

    Head of Construction & Partner

    With great design, comes exceptional engineering, architecture, construction, and project management. After completing his formal training in Construction Engineering and Project Management, Travis built his remarkable career as a high-level Construction Estimator working with various Canadian companies over the past 12 years. With this unique perspective, he brings pre-construction knowledge, accurate budgeting and value engineering, expert project management, and the incredible ability to foster strong client and trade relationships. Travis finds great inspiration from historical architecture and building practices as he works to include these principles into modern livability for each of his projects.

  • Shaunna Thomas

    Project Coordinator

    Truly a family-run business, Shaunna, Rhiannon’s sister, was hired as Hageman Homes’ designated Project Coordinator to help facilitate operations and exceptional client experiences. Shaunna brings her expertise in project execution and client relationships from her past roles as Event and Marketing Coordinator at top corporate firms in Toronto. With a passion for a beautiful and organized life, Shaunna brings balance, order, and a diverse skill set in client relations to the firm. She finds joy in nature, travel, time with her family, and loves creating trusting relationships with each client she works with.

Building beautiful spaces with elegant style and attention to functionality, our homes remain timeless for many generations.